Utku Demir


I’m Utku Demir, a software developer from Auckland, New Zealand.

I try to create simple and composable code, declarative and reproducible infrastructure, and ethical software. Functional programming is my preferred tool of choice, regardless of the language.

I’m currently a part of Tweag I/O.

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2020-07-02 project nix-tree: Interactively browse the dependency graph of your Nix derivations.
2020-03-03 post [ANN] distributed-dataset: A distributed data processing framework in Haskell
2019-12-08 project ghc-musl: Docker image with GHC+musl for static executables
2019-10-08 project Ormolu: Announcing First Release
2019-09-25 project hs-nix-template: A Haskell project template with Nix
2019-07-15 project emacs-with-config: A Nix function for customizing Emacs
2019-06-24 project dotfiles: Comprehensive configuration of my NixOS workstation
2019-05-14 video YOW! Lambda Jam 2019: Experimenting with Distributed Data Processing in Haskell
2018-10-21 post A useful ZSH trick: zsh-sticky-prefix
2015-08-22 post Modeling ‘The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever’ in Haskell

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